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Treatment Planning

Create and Evaluate a Problem List:
This is done using the information from diagnosis.

Review Patient Preferences:
Patients want their teeth to look good, feel good, and last a long time. They also want to know what treatment will cost, how long treatment will take, and how many appointments will be needed. There will be other specific concerns unique to each patient.

Create a Range of Treatment Options:
Carefully thought out treatment alternatives can often solve problems at significantly less cost and treatment time while providing lifetime benefits.

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This patient needed a central incisor extracted. Replacement was complicated due to adjacent teeth already being part of existing bridgework. Rather than redo all the bridgework we cut down part of the bridgework and slid a three unit bridge over the existing bridgework that neatly replaced the missing front tooth. The initial photo is before the extraction of the front tooth. The next photo shows the bridgework next to the extracted tooth cut down and ready for the three unit replacement. The next photo is of the replacement bridge from the back. The next photo is the replacement bridge cemented showing the cement coming out from where the bridges are joined together. The final photo is the finished case.