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Tooth Replacement

Single Tooth Implants:
Ideally each missing tooth should be replaced by one dental implant restoration. In some cases two implants can replace three or four teeth.

Fixed Partial Dentures:
When there are missing teeth between remaining teeth the remaining teeth can be crowned and replacement teeth can be connected to the crowns.

Removable Partial Dentures:
Removable replacement teeth that are clipped on to remaining teeth or attached to dental implants.

Complete Dentures:
These are removable prostheses that replace all teeth. They can be supported by the remaining edentulous ridge or where indicated can be stabilized by dental implants. We have had success on many patients who were not happy with their previous dentures.

The first photo shows the mini implants in place in the patient's edentulous area, the next shows the inside of the partial denture with the retentive o-rings that snap over the implants, and the last phot shows the partial denture in place.