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Restorative and Cosmetic Services

Fillings and Veneers:
We can bond tooth colored composite resin or porcelain to your teeth to both strengthen and create a natural appearing result.

Full Coverage Resins:
This is a lower cost yet very esthetic alternative to a conventional crown. In some cases for various reasons we can even replace a defective crown with a full coverage resin. This can be converted to a conventional crown at any time.

Conventional Crowns:
This is the gold standard of restorative dentistry for teeth that need complete rehabilitation. These are custom made in the dental laboratory for optimal esthetics and function. Careful sculpting of the tooth structure at the crown preparation appointment under high magnification is imperative for natural appearance, fit and retention of permanent crowns.

Orthodontic Extrusion:
In some cases it is possible to restore a tooth with inadequate tooth structure by extruding the tooth a few millimeters using an orthodontic appliance.

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This is an example of three adjacent teeth completely rebuilt with tooth colored resin as a lower cost alternative to conventional crowns. The tooth was too short to retain a crown so we bonded an orthodontic appliance to the adjacent teeth and gradually pulled the tooth up to give us more tooth to add a crown to.  The first photo shows a lower right second bicuspid with an orthodontic extrusion appliance in place.  The second photo shows a porcelain crown placed on the tooth after extrusion gave us enough tooth to work with. The silver filling in this lower molar was leaking and defective, so it was replaced with a bonded tooth colored restoration. The first photo shows a tooth broken off below the gum. Rather than pulling this tooth, we decided to extrude the root of the tooth with an orthodontic technique where we bonded a wire to the adjacent teeth and stretched an orthodontic elastic from the wire to a threaded pin screwed into the root through the tissue. The second photo is the initial extrusion appliance, and the third photo is with extrusion complete. The final photo is the final restoration with a porcelain crown.