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My York Pennsylvania Dentist

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Shalkey for the past 7 years. I would recommend Dr. Shalkey and his staff to anyone who is looking for the best dental care in the area!
- Robert L. | York, Pennsylvania

Dentures that fit!

Dr. Shalkey: Jill came to me with a very loose upper denture that she had been wearing for many years. When I attempted a new upper denture I was not happy with the fit and retention. I decided to try adding about three millimeters to the posterior border of the denture and noticed an immediate improvement. Jill was thrilled and so was I. She sent me this note:

"I have had dentures for 12 years and they never fit good. I finally got ones that fit good from Dr. Shalkey. I wish I would have taken care of my teeth and flossed all the time, because there isn't anything like your own teeth."
- Jill B. | York, Pennsylvania

Implants - Unbelievable Stability

Dr. Shalkey: Many patients have partial dentures that move when they chew because they have no back teeth to anchor the partial denture. This results in frequent sore spots and food getting under the denture. In this case we used two mini implants to replace the missing anchor teeth.

"Since I've had these dental implants I've had unbelievable stability of my partial denture and it has solved the problem of food collecting under my partial."

Three images of a partial dental implant

- Gary B. | York, Pennsylvania

Dr. Shalkey exceeded the call of duty

I have been Dr. Shalkey's patient for several years and have always been extremely pleased with his services and those of his staff.
Recently I had a painful experience with a tooth that spanned a three day time period, and in my estimation, far exceeded the call of duty by Dr. Shalkey.

I walked into his office on a Thursday morning experiencing discomfort and expecting to only schedule an appointment. I was informed that Dr. Shalkey was finishing work on a patient and would want to check the tooth. An X Ray revealed an abscess. Dr. Shalkey and his assistant began working on the tooth immediately and worked throughout their lunch hour. I left there with pain medication and Dr. Shalkey's cell phone number. Instructions were given to contact him at any hour if swelling occurred or the pain persisted. I had hoped that necessity would not become reality, however it did. That tooth did not respond to any medication and early Friday morning I needed to resort to contacting Dr. Shalkey again.

In spite of the fact that his office is closed on Fridays and Saturdays, he immediately met me there. His efforts again to save the tooth and provide me with relief did not come to fruition. The throbbing continued so early Saturday morning I made another call. The empathy that Dr. Shalkey possesses is extraordinary. He never hesitated to meet me at his office and the decision was made to extract the tooth. That tooth even initially resisted extraction, however Dr. Shalkey persisted and won.

Dr. Shalkey proceeded with his knowledge and artistic touch to form a new tooth and affix it to an existing partial --- Amazing!!
I cannot tell you how pleased I am with Dr. Shalkey's knowledge, professionalism and compassion for his patients.

Thank you again,
Pat M. | York, Pennsylvania

Highly Recommend Dr. Shalkey for Implants

"A few years ago during a regular appointment Dr. Shalkey suggested putting a plan in place to improve my dental health. I had been wearing a partial denture that I really disliked. It did not fit well and affected my speech and would continually trap debris. I had been treated for gum disease before I met Dr. Shalkey and was treated successfully but was left with several missing teeth and a few loose teeth. There was a lot of work that needed to be done but I was ready to pursue a remedy. After performing a detailed analysis Dr. Shalkey began by performing bone grafts. This needed to be done because I had significant bone loss. Some of the implants I needed were in the upper jaw so special care was required so as not to damage the sinus cavity. Once the bone graft healed the next step was to place the implants into the bone socket. Dr. Shalkey spent a lot of time measuring, planning the placement, and explaining exactly what he was going to do. He did not perform the implants until he was sure all conditions were perfect. After having the implants completed I had to wait several months to be sure they had bonded successfully to the jawbone. Next he installed an abutment in each implant. This is like a little post which is attached to the implant and used to attach the crown. Impressions were taken and new teeth were made based on these impressions. These are known as crowns. At this point the implanted teeth functioned just like my natural teeth. This process will take some time but it is well worth it. I couldn’t be happier with my implants. The cost is worth never having to deal with missing teeth, dentures, bridges or continuing bone loss. I would highly recommend Dr. Shalkey for implant procedures. He definitely takes pride in his work."

Images taken from the side portraying a series of denture-replacing single tooth implants

- Scott G. | York, Pennsylvania

Toothache Gone

Dr. Shalkey: This patient had an abscess on a lower second molar that had not improved with standard root canal therapy. It is not usually indicated to do a surgical approach to lower second molars due to the extreme thickness of the bone here. It is better to extract the tooth and do a root end filling outside the mouth and then replace the tooth back in the socket it came from. We recently did a three month follow-up and the tooth is firm and symptom free.

"I went to see Dr. Shalkey with a toothache. In twenty minutes he pulled the tooth, removed the infection, and reinserted the tooth. Truly amazing! Two months later the tooth is solid and I am pain free. Thank you Dr. Shalkey."
- Steve S. | Red Lion, Pennsylvania

Dr. Shalkey pays attention to the details

"Dr. Shalkey always pays attention to details and takes time to make sure everything is comfortable before you leave the office. I am very happy with my new partial denture. It fits so well I often forget I am wearing it. Thanks for a job well done."

Partial denture- before and after photos side by side

- Dave W. | Glen Rock, Pennsylvania

Smiling with Confidence

"Hi Dr. Shalkey! I just wanted to let you know how things have been since we completed the three implant procedures. After having lived with two partials, one upper and lower for over ten years, I can't tell you how much better I feel with my three implants. The procedure was very easy and I feel great! (It's so nice not to have to deal with those partials). I haven't felt this confident in my smile in years."
- Robert L. | York, Pennsylvania

Oral Surgery with Dr. Shalkey

The upper first molar had lost all bone around one of its three roots. The patient really wanted to keep this tooth so we removed the unsupported root surgically to allow access to clean the remaining roots.

The patient was very pleased with the result and had this to say:"I would like to thank Dr. Shalkey and staff for the oral surgery that I had recently. Even though I was told an implant was the best way to proceed ,the root removal was I hope a success. Now that I am taking better care of my teeth, I hope all goes well. Thanks again."
- Robert S. | York, Pennsylvania

A Very Satisfied Patient

Got a very touching letter from a patient today. She had a lower denture which was very loose and had very little bone to support it. I placed four mini (1.8 mm diameter) implants in her remaining bone and attached them to her lower denture for immediate stabilization. Her letter says:

"It certainly was my pleasure to meet Dr. Shalkey last year. I was referred to Dr. Shalkey by my family physician. Dr. Shalkey did manage to put four spokes in my bottom jaw, that no one else said it could be done, and fixed my present denture with holes to fit the spokes in my jaw. I now have it about a year. It's great not to worry about my teeth falling out in a restaurant anymore. No matter what dental problems you might have, I do recommend Dr. Shalkey. He is very professional and serious about his work and empathetic with you."

A very satisfied patient,
- Phyllis C. | York, Pennsylvania

An Unusual Case: Solved Successfully

We recently did a recall on a patient who had to have a front tooth extracted. Replacing the front tooth was complicated by the presence of bridgework already attached to teeth adjacent to the missing one.

We did an outside the box procedure to replace the missing tooth by attaching to the existing bridgework.

The patient recently sent this testimonial:
"Just a short note to thank you for the outstanding results of the bridge work you performed recently.
Your ability to think out of the box restored my smile. If you remember, I told you my wife said she hated the snaggle tooth appearance and wanted to see me smile again. You accomplished what I thought was a near impossible task without me having to resort to a partial plate which I did not want to have to deal with. I would recommend you to everyone who needs special and unusual dentistry."
- William P. | York, Pennsylvania

Implant Feels Like My Own Tooth

This was a very nice implant case where we had to remove an abscessed tooth #19 and replace it with a dental implant restoration.

I received this note recently from Dolores:
"Thanks for doing an awesome job on my implant. It's great, I can't even tell it's a false tooth, it feels like my own. I do have to admit, I was very skeptical when it was suggested and now after completion, I totally agree, the cost and time were so well worth it."
Thanks again,
- Dolores K. | Airville, Pennsylvania