About | Daniel A. Shalkey DDS

About Dr. Shalkey (York, Pennsylvania Dentist)

Daniel A. Shalkey, DDS graduated from SUNY Albany in 1975 and University of Buffalo Dental School in 1979. Completing a one year General Practice Residency in San Antonio TX in 1980, he entered the USAF Dental Corps in 1980 and served for the next 15 years in seven different active duty tours. In 1982 Dr. Shalkey was very lucky to marry his wife Marie.

During active duty he was fortunate to complete two additional years of formal post graduate training in all phases of dentistry and was awarded board certification by the Federal Services Board of General Dentistry in 1993. After retirement from the USAF Dental Corps in 1995 Dr. Shalkey moved to York, Pennsylvania with his family of six and started his general dental practice in 1996.

Three years of formal postgraduate dental education is the reason Dr. Shalkey can do such a wide range of dental procedures.

Daniel A. Shalkey

  • Education

    • 1975-1979 University of Buffalo Dental School, Buffalo, NY
    • 1979-1980 University of Texas Dental School at San Antonio General Practice Residency
    • 1989-1991 Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center, San Antonio, TX 2 year General Dentistry Residency
    • 1993 Board Certified in General Dentistry by Federal Services Board (passed written board in 1992 and oral boards in 1993)
  • Continuing Education Participation Courses

    • 1999 (2/22-23) U. Penn Endo: Micro-endodontics with Dr. Syngcuk Kim
    • 1999 (9/17) Lightspeed Endo: Hands on workshop with Dr. E. Steve Senia
    • 1999 (10/25-26) U. Penn Endo: Surgical Microendodontics with Dr. S. Kim
    • 2003 (12/12) Maryland AGD: Perio Surgery & Suturing with Dr. Lee Silverstein
    • 2006 (3/31-4/1) ADE Seminars/Maryland Dental School: Surgical Placement of Implants (Cadaver course) with Dr. Lee Silverstein
    • 2007 (6/15-16) ADE Seminars/Maryland Dental School: Advanced Bone Grafting (Cadaver course) with Dr. Lee Silverstein
    • 2008 (9/15-16) Biotechnology Institute Vittoria, Spain: Implant surgery Bone Grafting/Expansion and PRGF with Dr. Eduardo Anitua
    • 2009 (3/13-14) ADE Seminars/Maryland Dental School: Allogenic Soft Tissue Grafting (Cadaver course) with Dr. Lee Silverstein
  • Professional Experience

    • 1980-1995 General Dental Officer, USAF (Retired 1995)
    • 1996-Present General Dental Practice in York PA
    • 1994-1995 Moonlighted in Marquette, MI, doing endodontics in Dr. Paul Gerrish’s office while on Active Duty with USAF
    • 1996-2001 Traveled to Marquette, MI from York, Pennsylvania once a month to do endodontics in the office of Dr. Paul Gerrish
    • 1996-Present Accepting referrals for endodontics from other general dentists in the York area
    • Comfortable with use of dental operating microscope for both endodontics and restorative since 1999
    • Surgically placing implants since 2006, some by referral on other general dentists patients
    • Soft tissue grafting since 2009
  • Teaching Experience

    • 2006-Present Dr. Shalkey teaches the Emergency residents from Memorial Hospital Local Anesthesia Techniques
    • Past few years Dr. Shalkey gives lectures to the York Hospital Dental Residents
    • One on one mentoring to practicing dentists about endodontics and implant therapy both online and in the office

About the Staff

A portrait of office manager and receptionist Debbie Orvis

Debbie Orvis
I have worked for Dr. Shalkey since he started his practice in February 1996. I started as his dental assistant and am now currently his office manager/receptionist. He has provided a pleasant work environment and staff work as a team to ensure our patients get the best experience we can provide. We are often presented with challenges but with Dr. Shalkey’s experience most challenges can be overcome. I can truly say that I am still impressed as much today as I was 18 years ago by his skill and attention to detail. Working for Dr. Shalkey has caused me to push myself positively and I am all the better for it, and I hope that I can continue to contribute to the success here.

A portrait of staff member Marsha Stough

Marsha Stough
My name is Marsha and I am a native of York, Pennsylvania, living in the Shiloh area for the past 42 years. I have enjoyed working for Dr. Shalkey for the past 17 years. I love that our office is professional, friendly and family oriented. We strive to put the patient first and I work very hard at making all appointments for our patients as comfortable as possible. Working in this type of environment makes each day enjoyable.

A portrait of dental assistant Martha Rodriguez

Martha Rodriguez
I grew up in Mexico and came to the United States as an adult. I really enjoy working in the dental office as an assistant. It is a great opportunity to practice my English, and sometimes I can help to speak with a patient who only speaks Spanish.

A portait of Marie Shalkey- Dr. Shalkey's wife and dental team member

Marie Shalkey
I love being a part of the dental team. I am responsible for paying the bills of the practice. I also help out as a dental assistant as needed during office hours. We know many dental emergencies happen outside of office hours, so my husband and I can come in to see patients as needed and when needed to help with their dental emergency.

A portrait of dental hygienist Suzanne Falci

Suzanne Falci
Dental Hygiene has been my passion for more than 25 years. I have experience in a children’s dental office as well as a general dental office. I especially enjoy working with our new patients who have not been to the dentist recently. Dr. Shalkey’s patient’s teeth look beautiful. I have seen fabulous restorations since I have been working at Dr. Shalkey's office. He is most certainly a dentist who takes pride in every restoration. I am impressed with his use of a microscope to perform successful root canals, crown preparations, and fillings. Since I have been working at his office I have seen exceptional implants and extraordinary composite (white) fillings on front teeth and back teeth. Finally I have been pleased with the common sense cost effective treatment plans by Dr. Shalkey that have made it so easy for his patients to have healthy and beautiful smiles.

Dentist in York, Pennsylvania and in the Dominican Republic!

Dr. Shalkey and wife Marie doing dental work at a mission in the Dominican Republic

For the past five years Marie and I have been traveling to a mountain village in the central mountains of the Dominican Republic. We have been part of a larger Catholic mission from the Diocese of Orlando Mission office. We have gone once a year for a week to do restorative dentistry on a population of elementary and middle school children. For each trip we paid our air fare, a fee to the mission office for our room and board, and provided all the instruments and supplies needed for the mission.

About the Dominican Republic

A map of the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola

The Dominican Republic is a nation on the island of Hispaniola, part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region. The western three-eighths of the island is occupied by the nation of Haiti, making Hispaniola one of two Caribbean islands, along with Saint Martin, that are shared by two countries.

Both by area and population, the Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation (after Cuba), with 48,445 square kilometres (18,705 sq mi) and an estimated 10 million people, one million of which live in the capital city, Santo Domingo.